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What Inspired The Cocoa Sassy & Cocoa Papaya Collection:

Cocoa Sassy and Cocoa Sassy are sourced with organic dense organic powders combined to make a prebiotic tropical fruit treat.

This story starts with a 21 year old following her childhood footsteps in living a healthy lifestyle and her passion to share that with the world through profound inspiration when tragedy struck her family.

From hardship with her grandmother, Founder & CEO, Jasmine began to notice solvable problems in the food space so she became active in the entrepreneurship community at UCF. She started Earthy Creations while in University and attended many farmer’s markets in Central Florida to test the products and get critical feedback on what health-conscious customers wanted to perfect the formulas.

When Earthy Creations was born it was because of a conscious effort to help people become more educated and aware of what “holistic” and “healthy living” food choices encompassed and the impact it had on living to our highest potential. Jasmine’s grandmother had passed from cancer shortly after this journey began. Earthy Creation’s continues to unfold with her spirit living on in love and passion with every superfood treat.

From its pregnancy and still, our products are co-created with our customers and our community, taking into careful account their suggestions and feedback. We hope you'll become a part of our Earthy community, too!


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