Prime Yourself This Morning

May 07, 2018

Prime Yourself This Morning

Don't your best days always start in the morning?  It's easy as this. Wake up early enough to take care of all your personal needs before the world starts pulling you from left to right in need of you. Too many of us wake up in the morning ready to respond to the world without awareness what it is that we need to do first to take care of ourselves before we can help the world. First, we need to tap in and see how we’re doing in there. Let’s face it, we live in a high demand society.

With a 9am-6pm schedule, a small business, and a life, it is hard to even stop and just here myself breathe for more than a few minutes without a distraction so I purposefully close my eyes in these moments and choose to focus accomplishing one task I want to get done and the ease I would feel after.

I have found that most times when I have my best days it does start with my mornings from the time I wake up, meditate, drink my water, take my supplements, and give myself a home stretch and warm up. Even when I had a job and did dance one summer, I also swam every morning beforehand so I was up 4 hours before I needed to be at work. Because I had high expectations for myself, I grew more and probably had 3x the momentum which continued into my junior year of college. My thoughts that summer? I was going to have a long day and feel exhausted at the end anyway whether I went swimming or not so what more did I have to lose? I felt my best on these days regardless of outside circumstances because I was grounded and I felt good on the inside. Even on a bad day, there’s more peace.

To have your best day(s), you have your best morning(s):

1. Follow an agenda. Take the time to plan your week one day and follow your agenda daily (even if you have multiple places to help you keep accountable, have one consistent agenda with all your dates). This is the most important part to your day and right before you make the shift from night to your day you will want to look at your agenda. As long as you have an agenda you have DIRECTION so you will limit the amount of time you may stray off your course.

2. Matcha cold lattes BOOST my morning energy and I use matcha powder because I like to ditch the coffee since this has tons of great superfood benefits without any crash. And when blended with fruit you get the best of both worlds of a smoothie too. I make sure top it off after it's blended with Earthy Cocoa Sunrise for a natural sweetener and (more on my post “Matcha 3 reasons why I have it every morning”).

3. Stretch and Yoga. When you give yourself attention in the morning to take care of you and where your body ails you can perform better throughout the day. I practice Tai Chi in the mornings for just 20 minutes. As a gymnast and dancer I had injuries so my body always appreciates the nourishment, and not to mention it helps with focus!

4. Read for up to 1 hour, whether it is multiple books, I like to read up to five at one time because it keeps me engaged and gives me variety to learn. When I wake up every morning it helps to learn something to prepare for my day. I personally like nonfiction because it helps me feel understood and the momentum in my day increases. You have to know which books help boost your energy and which are better for slowing you down. For instance, I’ll read history at night because it helps me fall asleep.

5. Take notes to regurgitate what you have read so that way it will really sink in. When you write it helps to make connections to synthesize what you have read and how it applies to you so you can go out and CONQUER your day.

Side note: I find it helpful when I let myself free write for another 15 minutes that way anything that might be bothering me is pulled from my mind to paper. You may not even realize something bothers you!

Verdict: all my mentors, anyone successful that I know goes to bed early and wake up as early as 3am, when necessary, to take care of their needs BEFORE they begin to answer to the world. These individuals are not miserable by any means.


Everything is a transition and we can make that choice to challenge ourselves to an early rise for at least 21 days!


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